Two successful and award-winning landscape architects, Gregory Wolfley, 33, Bluffdale, and Alan Christensen, 35, Kearns, have invented a baseball card game they are marketing across the country.

The two men became partners in Christensen-Wolfley Associates, 5263 S. Third West, in 1983 and soon afterward formed a second company, a landscape construction firm, Silverleaf Landscape, Inc. Now they've formed a third company, W.C. Factory, to create, design and market games.Wolfley said he thought up the game, called, incidentally, Baseball Card Game, in the summer of 1977 and constructed his first playing cards from note pad paper. When he and Christensen became partners, Wolfley showed Christensen his card game and the two collaborated to improve the game and design new cards. The games are sold in all the Hammond Tots & Toys stores, in Gregory's Toys & Adventures, the Gamekeeper game stores nationwide and in many other stores.

"We've tried to build all the excitement of a baseball game into our card game, including practically everything that can happen on a diamond except skinned knees," Wolfley said.

The two sports enthusiasts are already planning to market football, basketball, golf, soccer and tennis card games and other games. "We've got a list of 50 ideas we'd like to market, including games, inventions and consumer products," Christensen said. "I wish there were more than 24 hours in every day so we could do all the things we are dreaming up," Wolfley said.