It was confession time for NBC Entertainment President Brandon Tartikoff as he put his hand on a stack of Bibles carried by an actor dressed as a priest.

Yes, Tartikoff confessed, it probably was a bad idea to broadcast Geraldo Rivera's special on satanism, which was picked up by the entertainment division after the news side refused to touch it with a 10-foot pitch fork."I would not say it was our finest hour," Tartikoff told a gathering of newspaper writers and critics Saturday in Los Angeles after staging the stunt with the Bibles, at which he also vowed not to buy a sequel to Vanna White's "Goddess of Love."

Tartikoff said specials like November's "Devil Worship: Exposing Satan's Underground," which featured gruesome reports of torture, child sexual abuse and baby skinning, are best left to the world of syndication.

"I don't think you'll be seeing more programs like that from NBC," he said.

NBC President Robert Wright, however, said he remains unrepentant about the special, calling the topic "exciting and newsworthy."