A man living in the Deer Creek environmental enclave has pleaded not guilty to seven drug counts of possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD and marijuana.

Sixth District Judge Don Tibbs scheduled Feb. 2 to rule on defense and prosecution motions. Tibbs also said he will schedule Grant Smith Johnson's trial date during next month's hearing.Johnson, 32, was arrested 13 months ago and charged with the drug counts and accused of vandalizing construction equipment being used to widen the Burr Trail, which runs through a remote and scenic section of southern Utah.

But on Dec. 22, 1988, the five counts of vandalism were dismissed because of insufficient evidence.

Garfield County officials said it cost $58,000 to repair four bulldozers damaged Dec. 4, 1987. Officials said silicone had been poured into the bulldozers' oil pans.

Investigators followed footprints from the construction site to the Deer Creek area. But officers said the tracks did not match any of Johnson's shoes or boots.