Economic developers in northern Utah should target specialized manufacturing industries in order to make the most of the region's growth potential, according to a new study.

The study takes a scientific approach to attracting new industry and is being hailed by economic development officials as a sorely needed tool that will make efforts to attract new businesses more productive.Commissioned and paid for by Utah Power & Light Co., the study targets 25 industries that complement existing northern Utah businesses and show good growth potential through the year 2000.

Manufacturing electrical components and apparatus head the list of industries with the potential for high annual growth in the next decade. Other industries identified as likely to locate in the region include switchgear and switchboard apparatus, photographic equipment and supplies, electronic computing equipment, pipe, valves and valve fittings.

"What we've tried to do is identify those areas, both generally and specifically, where northern Utah can succeed in economic development," said Larry Elcock, Ogden region customer service manager.