A Utah State Prison inmate involved in two stabbings at the prison was denied parole Friday and told he wouldn't get another parole hearing for 21/2 years.

Robert Douglas Preece, 25, killed fellow inmate Steven Edward Roy in 1983 during an argument over Preece's gambling debt to Roy. The killing, a subsequent stabbing incident in 1986, and a long history of discipline problems prompted the board to deny parole for Preece.Preece insisted his violence was behind him and he was ready for a brighter future. "I'm not a mean person," he told the board. "I'm a very caring person. I try to help people when I can."

"Your record doesn't reflect that," said Gary Webster, a member of the board.

"It was a tragic thing that happened to Roy," Preece said. "I never meant to kill him. I was really stressed out. It was a tough situation for me."

Board members pointed out that Preece has had several infractions of prison rules since his incarceration in 1982 for aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery. There have been six disciplinary problems in the past two years, Webster said.

"Your disciplinary record doesn't speak well for you," said Victoria Palacios, chairman of the board. "I think we'd really be taking a risk if we released you before you showed a little more control over yourself in the institution."

Ronald LeRoy Hall, 51, was given a 1994 parole date. Hall is serving time for aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery and aggravated sexual assault. Hall and a companion held a Murray family hostage for five hours in December, 1980. Hall raped a female family member and both men stole approximately $1,000 in jewelry from the home.

Hall told the board that even though he pleaded "not guilty" to the crimes at the time, he has since realized that he is "guilty as sin."

The board noted that Hall's record has been good at the prison since his incarceration in 1981, but it also noted that "it's not much different than in years past when you were here. You've always been able to do well in the institution."

Hall has been in the prison several times in the past, the board said. Several board members were worried by a recent psychological profile that suggests Hall has unresolved sexual problems.

"I was worried about that, too, just like you are," Hall said. "I've done everything I could."

Despite that assurance, the board believes he has not changed enough. His parole is scheduled for Sept. 13, 1994.