Gov. Norm Bangerter signed an emergency order Thursday proclaiming the area around the breeched Quail Creek dike a disaster area, while the Federal Emergency Management Agency is completing rough damage estimates.

Bangerter is expected to use the damage estimates to request federal assistance and has scheduled a Monday press conference.Once a request is officially made, figures compiled by the federal team will be processed through the regional office in Denver. Eventually, President Reagan, or if the decision is delayed beyond Jan. 20, President George Bush will decide whether to declare the region a major disaster area.

If the disaster declaration is made, 75 percent of the cost of repairs, debris removal and other work to restore public facilities will be paid by federal grants. The remaining 25 percent must be picked up by local or state governments.

Less aid would be available to private homeowners. Housing assistance could flow to anyone rendered homeless, but most houses were only damaged, not destroyed, by the flood.

In these cases, Swanson said, damaged houses will be "mucked out and the people can continue living there with some repairs."

Low-interest Small Business Administration loans might be available to the homeowners or renters, however, officials said.