A father and daughter were sentenced to prison and the woman's husband was given probation on their guilty pleas to charges of distributing a small amount of heroin.

Federal Judge Thomas Greene sentenced Freddy Taylor Martinez, of Chile, to 18 months in prison and ordered him to serve three years on supervised release, as well as undergo drug treatment.Greene also sentenced Martinez's daughter, Geovana Cardenas, a naturalized citizen of the United States, to one year in prison and five years probation for her role in the heroin dealing conspiracy.

But the judge suspended a three-year term for Jesus Cardenas, a Mexican national, and instead placed him on probation.

Jesus Cardenas, "acted primarily as a courier," said Greene, adding, "he has an excellent attitude."

Prosecutors said the three were accused of selling 53/4 grams of the narcotic between December 1987 and March 1988 in the Salt Lake area.

Defense attorneys for the two men said their clients would likely be deported because of the charges and guilty pleas.