Alf's mom has been wanting a job for a long time. Also a baby.

So when it became clear she would get both, there was plenty of excitement on the set of the hit NBC-TV sitcom series about a stranded alien from the planet Melmac who lives with a squeaky-clean American family."I've been campaigning since the show started three years ago to have her get a job, or at least a hobby," says actress Annie Schedeen, who contentedly plays second-fiddle to the alien.

(Don't use the P-word by calling Alf a puppet around the set or there'll be big trouble, Ms. Schedeen cautions. "He's really an alien and he has all these strange habits," she said. "The rumor that he's a puppet was started by someone at CBS, and we're gonna get him.")

Ms. Schedeen's campaign succeeded and finally, last month, Kate Tanner got a job while her husband Willie was on strike.

"As they were writing that episode, I had to call the producers and tell them (I) was pregnant," she said. "They had to write it into the last scene. My baby is due in February, but Kate probably won't have hers until next season."

So actress Annie and her character Kate both are pregnant and they both have jobs. But there most of the similarities end.

That's clear to anyone walking up to the front door of the peach-colored, stucco 1920s mansion Ms. Schedeen and her talent-agent husband Chris Barrett bought last year in the Hancock Park district of Los Angeles.

One thing that will be similar, though, is that neither mom will quit working.