The Camden County Prosecutor's Office is investigating suicide as one of the possible explanations for the cyanide poisoning of Haddonfield High School wrestler Thomas Lee, who remains hospitalized in a coma.

Camden County Prosecutor Samuel Asbell said Friday that there were three possibilities: "tampering, homicide, suicide. You have to look at everything. We're looking at everything."In the field, law enforcement agencies were pushing ahead with their inquiry.

Two of Lee's friends, John Cook and John Harm, said investigators interviewed them Thursday afternoon, asking whether they thought Lee could have tried to kill himself.

"I don't think Tom would do that," Harm said. "He had everything to live for and nothing to die for."

But federal and state officials said Friday that they would not rule out the possibility of suicide.

"They're pursuing that aspect," said Bob Dininger, from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's office in Camden. "They are pursuing it based on interviews with friends and kids who knew this boy."

Meanwhile, Lee, a student at Haddonfield Memorial High School, is battling for his life at West Jersey Hospital-Voorhees. He is listed in critical condition.

Lee, 17, of the 400 block of East Grove Street in Haddonfield, went into convulsions and spit up blood after eating some cyanide-laced Breyers black cherry yogurt on the way to school Tuesday morning. He came out of the house with a spoon in the opened yogurt container.

The cyanide apparently rested on top of the yogurt. "You get the yogurt and usually you stir it up," Asbell said. "He didn't stir it up."