Tornadoes tore through several Illinois and Indiana towns Saturday, causing numerous injuries and destroying a quarter of the homes and commercial buildings in this town, officials said.

There were "probably about 20" people treated at Wabash General Hospital in nearby Mount Carmel, said June Lofton, a spokeswoman there."We're talking about people who were buried under buildings . . . major injuries," she said. "There's a lot of damage, but I can't tell you exact numbers."

Mayor Jack Loeffler estimated that six to eight people had been temporarily trapped "in rubble, but I think they've all been rescued."

"There were numerous injuries, but as far as we know, no fatalities," said Trooper Harry Sutton of the Illinois State Police.

About a quarter of the town's 275 homes and commercial buildings were demolished and at least half of the houses received some damage, Loeffler said.

Minutes before the tornado stuck Allendale, twisters hit nearby Mill Shoals and Albion, officials said. A tornado later struck an area south of Vincennes, Ind., but Allendale appeared to have been hit the worst, they said.