The Salt Lake City Parks Department will begin taking park reservations on Jan. 9. All reservations must be made in person at the parks department, 1965 W. Fifth South. The following parks may be reserved:

Elks Park, 1330 S. Main St., bowery $15; Fairmont Park, 2361 S. Ninth East, north bowery $30, main grove $30, moose $15, Scout Circle $30; Jordan Park, 1060 S. Ninth West, large bowery $30, southwest terrace $30; Liberty Park, 1300 S. Sixth East, Rice Terrace $30, North Terrace $30; Lindsay Gardens, Ninth Avenue and M St., terrace $30; Riverside Park, 739 N. 14th West, large bowery $30, Lions Terrace $30; Sherwood Park 1500 W. Fourth South, north bowery $30, south bowery $15; Sorenson Park, 1200 W. Indiana Ave., terrace $30; Sunnyside Park, 1600 E. Sunnyside Ave., terrace $30; Tanner Park, 2700 S. 27th East, bowery $15; Washington Park, Parleys Canyon, Mountain Dell Terrace $40, Washington $40.For more information call the Parks Department at 972-7871.