A woman who first tried to commit suicide in 1956 after shooting her three young daughters to death succeeded 32 years later as she stood in front of their graves.

Lorene Calbeck, 67, shot herself in the chest Tuesday night at Lake Wales Cemetery, drove home and called for help. She died en route to a hospital, said Polk County Sheriff's detective Richard Land.Mrs. Calbeck had been depressed since her husband of 45 years, Mark, died in June, a neighbor said. She left notes to authorities telling them how to contact a friend and giving instructions on how to care for her oven.

On May 24, 1956, Mrs. Calbeck, then 34, took her children on a ride to a deserted area, stripped them to their underwear in the moonlight and shot each in the heart, police reported.

Shirley, 5, was shot four times with a .22-caliber target pistol. Pamela, 3, and Jan, 15 months, each were shot twice.

Mrs. Calbeck drove the bodies home, placed them on a bed according to size and covered them with cellophane. She then fired a pistol into the left side of her chest, but survived. She never told authorities why she shot the girls.

At that time, she left three notes, one to authorities on how to reach her husband who was working in Michigan; a second to her husband; and the other to the trailer park manager on how to care for her gardenias.

A grand jury took no action against Mrs. Calbeck. She was sent to the Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee and hospitalized for 12 years, said Hilda Barnhardt, a Lake Wales resident who knew Mrs. Cal-beck since 1982.

Barnhardt said she didn't know until Wednesday why Mrs. Cal-beck had been hospitalized.