Here is a list of bills pre-filed for the 48th Legislature. Bills can be filed by lawmakers until Feb. 7.House bills

HB1 (Dmitrich) - Changes requirements for minimum heights of motor vehicles.

HB2 (Karras) - Allows the residents of local school districts, through an election, to place a 10 percent surcharge on their income taxes.

HB3 (J. Arrington) - Requires the licensing of people who sell chemicals that could be turned into illegal drugs, and the keeping of records of such sales.

HB4 (Davis) - Increases the amount of property tax credit under the Circuit Breaker Act.

HB5 (Harward) - Repeals rules of criminal procedure, because the Utah Supreme Court under the state Constitution has the responsibility of establishing those rules.

HB6 (J. Moody) - Provides confidentiality for persons who have a communicable disease and the circumstances whereby information about the person and disease can be released.

HB7 (Burningham) - Allows the driving license of a minor to be revoked for alcohol and drug abuse.

HB8 (Bishop) - Allows local health departments to participate in risk management funds.

HB9 (Rose) - Provides for rehabilitation in workers' compensation and occupational disease claims.

HB10 (Burningham) - Requires that slow-moving vehicles allow other traffic to pass.

HB11 (Oscarson) - Repeals the vehicle inspection program.

HB12 (Wasden) - Removes the sales tax from food over a three-year period.

HB13 (Rush) - Exempts dentists from the medical pre-litigation panel.

HB14 (M. Evans) - Expands the protection for government "whistle blowers."

HB15 (M. Evans) - Outlines who can seek protective orders in domestic violence cases.

HB16 (Milner) - Creates a domestic violence intervention task force.

HB17 (Allen) - Provides for special license plates for Pearl Harbor survivors.

HB18 (Jensen) - Allows a new car buyer to use the New Motor Vehicle Warranty Act without going through the Division of Consumer Protection.

HB19 (B. Evans) - Prohibits the use of corporal punishment in public schools.

HB20 (Protzman) - Requires that critical thinking skills be taught in the public schools.

HB21 (Protzman) - Includes leasees of new cars in the New Motor Vehicles Warranties Act.

HB22 (G. Brown) - Provides additional oversight by the Legislative Management Committee in developing budgets and pay raises for legislative staff.

HB23 (Ellertson) - Increases the number of juvenile court judges and provides a method of funding the new judges' salaries.

HB24 (Protzman) - Removes the age restriction on property tax relief.

HB25 (M. Evans) - Requires local governments to provide group life insurance of $50,000 for its public safety employees.

HB26 (Ostler) - Governs the handling of delinquent water bills.

HB27 (Rush) - Provides that a representative of a university's largest staff organization and president of the faculty senate serve on the school's institutional council.

HB28 (Price) - Clarifies who pays the costs in an anatomical gift.

HB29 (Fox) - Requires that people who request vehicle registration information provide personal identification.

HB30 (Pignanelli) - Requires a strategic plan for economic development and yearly review of that plan.

HB31 (Davis) - Creates a hazardous waste task force.

HB32 (Olsen) - Limits the liability of directors of agricultural cooperatives.

HB33 (LeBaron) - Requires any proceeds of the sale of State Training School lands go to a trust for the school.

HB34 (Wasden) - Provides for an additional retirement exemption for veterans.

HB35 (Harward) - Requires legislative committee meetings to comply with the state open meetings law.

HB36 (Knowlton) - Decreases the sales tax rate, giving a $65 million tax cut.

HB37 (Ellertson) - Empowers the Health Department to take emergency action to address releases of hazardous wastes.

HB38 (Bradshaw) - Removes the compulsory disclosure provision to the Charitable Solicitation Act.

HB39 (Protzman) - Allows a university or college president to hire legal counsel to represent and advise the institution on matters that do not involve litigation.

HB40 (Milner) - Amends the law concerning habitual criminals.

HB41 (Bishop) - Revises and recodifies grievance procedures and the Personnel Review Board.

HB42 (Rush) - Allows patients to have access to review and amend their medical records.

HB43 (Wharton) - Enacts state policy concerning military projects in Utah.

HB44 (Knowlton) - Limits the amount that can be transferred from the Transportation Fund to agencies not a part of the Department of Transportation.

HB45 (Wharton) - Removes the sales tax from food.

HB46 (J. Moody) - Removes the requirement that vending machine profits in schools must go toward buying school texts and supplies.

HB47 (Frandsen) - Removes the requirement that notice of the annual assessment work done on mining claim be posted on the discovery monument.

HB48 (White) - Allocates money from the Victim Reparation Fund to the Board of Pardons to pay for victim-related coordination.

HB49 (Harward) - Splits the Victim Reparation Fund for various uses.

HB50 (Christensen) - Authorizes the collection of attorney fees and court costs incurred in collecting delinquent distribution assessments.

HB51 (Rush) - Prohibits the free distribution of cigarettes.

HB52 (Price) - Bases state funding of mental health facilities on the number of patients being treated by the facilities.

HB53 (Rush) - Increases the smoking age from 19 to 21 and outlaws vending machine sale of cigarettes and prohibits smoking in schools and child care facilities.

HB54 (Fox) - Helps implement the international fuel tax agreement.

HB55 (R. Evans) - Exempts land acquired by eminent domain from liability for rollback taxes under the Farmland Assessment Act.

HB56 (Rush) - Provides uniform procedures for maintenance and use of health care data.

HB57 (Hunter) - Makes clarifications to the Optometry Practices Act.

HB58 (Allen) - Creates a noxious-weed committee.

HB59 (Pignanelli) - Assigns to the state Division of Investigations the responsibility of providing warrant information.

HB60 (Pignanelli) - Creates a "prosecution council."

HB61 (R. Evans) - Requires insurers to report certain data on premium underwriting.

HB62 (R. Evans) - Clarifies the recording requirements of mechanics liens.

HB63 (R. Evans) - Imposes liability on persons failing to file documents delivered to them for filing with the county recorder.

HB64 (B. Evans) - Defines political activity of public employees.

HB65 (R. Evans) - Grants authority to the Board of Mental Health to adopt the Interstate Compact on Mental Health.

HB66 (Allen) - Requires public utilities and cable operators to mark their underground cables within two hours of excavation to repair water pipes.

HB67 (Lunt) - Amends the penalty provisions of military law.

HB68 (Harward) - Authorizes the printing of bold-face type in numbered bills.

HB69 (LeBaron) - Appropriates $50,000 for the state's contribution to the Philo T. Farnsworth Statue.

HCR1 (Wasden) - Recognizes American citizenship Day.

HJR1 (M. Evans) - Recognizes the devoted service of some legislative staff and gives them their own parking places at the Capitol.

HJR2 (B. Evans) - Urges Congress to allow states greater power to amend unemployment insurance standards.

HJR3 (Atkinson) - Limits the terms of legislators to three.

HJR4 (Waddoups) - Urges the Federal Highway Trust Fund be made permanent, as well as the accrued user fees.

HJR5 (Waddoups) - Expresses opposition to proposals that would divert Federal Highway Trust Fund revenues to reduce the federal debt.

HJR6 (LeBaron) - Designates the placement of a duplicate Philo T. Farnsworth statue.

HR1 (M. Evans) - Encourages state agencies to buy recycled paper.

Senate bills

SB1 (Holmgren) - Corrects outdated sections of the Social Services Act and removes statutory responsibility for specified costs.

SB2 (Farley) - Increases the maximum value of a homestead exemption for property taxes.

SB3 (Carling) - Gives reasonable attorney fees to the prevailing party in payment bond litigation.

SB4 (Black) - Requires a state audit of all mental health agencies that use state funds.

SB5 (Carling) - Makes changes to the landscape architect licensing act.

SB6 (Steele) - Requires specific professions to record interviews with children if child sexual abuse is suspected.

SB7 (Richards) - Requires reporting of AIDS and HIV positive testing and partner notification of the finding.

SB8 (Carling) - Repeals and re-enacts the psychologists licensing act.

SB9 (Holmgren) - Removes the dollar limitations on how much can be placed in the general fund for off-road vehicle taxes.

SB10 (Cornaby) - Revises the judicial court system.

SB11 (Cornaby) - Increases the civil and criminal penalties in antitrust law.

SB12 (Finlinson) - Exempts certain retirement benefits from the attachment and execution laws.

SB13 (Swan) - Increases the amount of property tax credit afforded to low-income homeowners and renters.

SB14 (Cornaby) - Creates a Utah Fair Housing Act modeled after the federal act.

SB15 (Richards) - Requires testing of all state prison inmates for AIDS and HIV positive virus.

SB16 (Barlow) - Allows consolidation of school districts to be voted on by district patrons.

SB17 (McAllister) - Requires audits of local political subdivisions and interlocal organizations.

SB18 (McAllister) - Clarifies county auditor responsibilities.

SB19 (McMullin) - Provides for remediation programs in grades 9-12.

SB20 (Cornaby) - Requires notification by mail of all known creditors of an estate.

SB21 (McAllister) - Provides a statute of limitations on the Product Liability Act and the liability of manufacturers and sellers.

SB22 (Black) - Exempts from state income tax any federal reparations paid to Japanese-Americans interned during WWII.

SB23 (McAllister) - Makes technical changes in the Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act.

SB24 (Barlow) - Provides standards for awarding punitive damages.

SB25 (Cornaby) - Provides severability and a statute of limitations on the Products Liability Act.

SB26 (Hillyard) - Requires environmental health penalties to be deposited in the General Fund.

SB27 (McMullin) - Allows 11th grade graduation as an option in public education.

SB28 (Carling) - Makes technical changes to the sunset laws.

SB29 (Finlinson) - Creates a Bear River water development task force.

SB30 (Fordham) - Deletes the maximum surcharge allowed on telephone bills to pay for special telephone equipment for the hearing impaired.

SB31 (Cornaby) - Enacts the Uniform Trade Secrets Act of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law.

SB32 (Hillyard) - Makes technical changes in the fraudulent transfer act.

SB33 (Swan) - Allows the Public Service Commission to establish a competitive bidding procedure for the purchase of power from independent energy producers.

SB34 (Hillyard) - Gives a sales tax credit to ski resorts who use the tax money for capital improvements.

SB35 (Nielsen) - Makes various changes to the Employment Security Act, especially disqualifying persons who are discharged for certain crimes.

SB36 (Pace) - Protects employees from employer sanctions if a good faith judgment is made by the employee in denying a patron a drink because he's drunk.

SB37 (Holmgren) - Creates continual garnishments in some child support cases.

SB38 (Barlow) - Reduces the value of residential property for tax purposes.

SB39 (Farley) - Increases the Utah State minimum wage.

SB40 (Carling) - Changes certain theft provisions in the Teft by Extortion Act.

SB41 (Carling) - Creates a criminal solicitation law.

SB42 (Pace) - Transfers the responsibility for school lunches from the Board of Education to Social Services.

SB43 (Finlinson) - Excludes public utilities from the definition of person in state law.

SB44 (Pace) - Establishes a Deseret Youth Conservation Corps to work on various state projects.

SB45 (Black) - Specifically gives the attorney general and county attorneys the power of administrative subpoenas in controlled substance investigations.

SB46 (Black) - Establishes the offense of "money laundering to conceal illegal activity."

SB47 (Black) - Requires the reporting by financial institutions of certain money transactions.

SB48 (Black) - Makes procedural amendments to the stamp act on sale of illegal drugs.

SB49 (C.A. Peterson) - Gives public employees another retirement option.

SB50 (Richards) - Increases the penalties for certain arson offenses.

SB51 (Myrin) - Grants an oil and gas severance tax exemption for new production.

SB52 (Myrin) - Establishes oil and gas severance tax rates based on the price of oil or gas.

SB53 (Myrin) - Acknowledges federal recognition of certain Indian tribes and provides for cooperation with certain tribes.

SB54 (Barton) - Repeals the sunset clause to the act that requires a person to possess a waterfowl stamp when hunting waterfowl.

SB55 (Holmgren) - Provides for less restrictive long term care for mentally ill persons at the state hospital.

SB56 (Steele) - Establishes a council for severely emotionally disturbed children.

SB57 (Holmgren) - Creates a mental health and corrections advisory council, and allows persons in the custody of the Department of Corrections to be treated at the State Hospital.

SB58 (Steele) - Provides for the commitment of mentally ill persons to the custody of the Division of Mental Health.

SB59 (Holmgren) - Creates a Psychiatric Security Review Board responsible for oversight of mentally ill persons in the criminal justice system.

SB60 (Steele) - Provides for a driver education written examination pilot program in the public schools.

SB61 (McMullin) - Restricts the power of municipalities to levy license fees or taxes on certain businesses.

SB62 (Holmgren) - Amends the registration, education and equipment provisions of off-highway vehicles.

SB63 (Barton) - Reduces the amount of the personal exemption allowed as a deduction from state income taxes and increases the amount of federal taxes allowed as deduction from state income tax.

SB64 (Pace) - Requires the Legislative Printing Office to provide a copy of the Utah Code Annotated to each legislator.

SB65 (Richards) - Earmarks a portion of the illegal drug stamp tax revenues for law enforcement.

SB66 (Money) - Provides for an additional exemption for handicapped children and adults who are claimed as dependents.

SJR1 (Barton) - A constitutional amendment allowing gambling or lotteries in cities adjacent to Nevada.