A condominium board has postponed a decision on whether to evict 9-year-old Jamie Swartz, who moved into her father's apartment in an adults-only complex while her mother was dying of cancer.

Board members decided Thursday night to wait a couple of months while they consider the implications of a fair housing law that takes effect in March."It must be similar to what someone on death row must feel," said Jill Swartz, Jamie's stepmother. "It's not over yet. It's just a reprieve until they find something else to throw at us."

Jamie moved into the complex last April to live with her father, Lynn, and his new wife, while the girl's 42-year-old mother, Maye Swartz, was treated for cancer.

The condo board voted in July to allow Jamie to stay until her mother finished chemotherapy. She died in September.

The board threatened to seek eviction in November but then allowed the girl to remain through the holidays provided the two-bedroom condo was placed on the market.