A Houston radio station's contest laid an egg with the U.S. Postal Service.

Morning-show personalities Glenn Beck and Clydie Clyde, who just started this week with KRBE, came up with a unique contest that the Postal Service quickly decided was much too messy."See, Wednesday was our first day and before that we had been running around like chickens with our heads cut off around here and I had mentioned at one point that I wanted to meet the listeners," said Beck, who came to Houston from Phoenix, where his on-the-air partner was Jessica Hahn, the same Jessica Hahn once involved with television preacher Jim Bakker.

Clyde took a different meaning to Beck's comment and, with management's backing and a $1,004 prize, listeners were invited Wednesday to send in a breakfast meat and a raw egg in a regular envelope with no packaging or padding.

The prize would go to the sender of the first egg to make it unbroken through the mail, delivered by the usual postman, to the station.

Thursday, the post office called to complain the eggs were getting $900,000 sorting machines yucked up with yolks, and mentioned a few regulations and laws about sending perishable foods through the mail and the problems it can cause for expensive machinery.

The contest was called off, but it came to an end Thursday anyway when five of 11 contest envelopes delivered by the postman contained unbroken eggs.

"I think that's pretty amazing," Beck said of the unbroken eggs.

The first to arrive was sent by Cathy Hauer, who was announced the winner on Friday's show.

But Beck said the postman delivered another box and bag full of envelopes Friday morning.

"We may be getting these for awhile," Beck said. "I was more surprised that the Post Office could deliver that many unbroken eggs."