A Healthy Heart program designed to prevent heart disease is ready to be implemented by the Davis County Health Department.

"Coronary heart disease is a major health concern in our local communities," said Dr. Enrico Leopardi, department director. "The Healthy Heart program will lay the foundation of what we anticipate will be a big step in coronary risk reduction services in Davis County."The program is free for persons and their spouses covered under the Public Employee Health Program (PEHP) medical coverage. The cost is $30 to other individuals, a cost that may be covered under their own medical insurance.

Participation in the program, which begins Jan. 12, will be in three phases: risk assessment, lifestyle education, and individual counseling, if needed.

Risk assessment includes cholesterol analysis, blood pressure check, height and weight measurement, and computer analysis of the person's nutritional profile.

Lifestyle education includes assessment of the risk factors on an individual basis and education on nutrition and fitness. The goal is to instruct participants on how to enjoy a healthy eating pattern, decrease cholesterol, blood pressure and other coronary risks.

The third phase is for individuals with borderline or elevated cholesterol levels. Registered nurses and health specialists counsel them on an individual basis.

Persons with a severe coronary risk will be referred to their physician.

More information is available from the department's Health Promotion Specialist, Todd Thompson, 451-3322.