Wowee, kazowee boys and girls! Bozo the Clown is 30!

The Ambassador of Laughter, whose infectious guffaws can transform even the sourest of grouches into the grinningest of fools, celebrated his 30th year on TV as the longest-running live, daily children's television show. He was toasted Thursday in an anniversary bash in Los Angeles."Everybody still loves me and still cares about me," said the original Bozo, Larry Harmon, who celebrated his 64th birthday Monday. "When you do something good for the world, you do something good for yourself and it all turns out wowee, oh wow, wow - so good!"

Bozo is an international star. He's "Bozo Le Clown" in France, "Bozo El Payaso," in Brazil and His Bozoness to Americans.

The live TV shows began Jan. 5, 1959. They've been seen practically every day since.

The show is televised to an estimated 28 million homes in 183 cities nationwide where kids can see Bozo or a locally franchised "clone clown" as Harmon likes to call them.

As long as you have the big, red nose, the bright orange hair, gigantic shoes, appropriate clown suit, "are an exhibitionist, an extrovert, sensitive, warm and you've got the laugh and the Bozoisms down pat, then you're a Bozo," Harmon explained.