A group of Ute Indians who claim the tribe's business committee is not meeting the needs of the people has called a special meeting for all members of the Northern Ute Indian Tribe, a spokesman says.

Luke Duncan of Concerned Tribal Members said the Jan. 10 meeting at tribal headquarters in Fort Duchesne will allow members to discuss "issues relating to tribal government and administration."Also on the agenda will be the oil severance tax adopted last November by the six-member committee, he said.

Duncan said committee members will be called upon to answer to a number of allegations, including misuse of tribal funds, transferring of tribal budgets and accounts into personal travel accounts and giving loans to themselves.

However, committee member Gary Poowegup dismissed the allegations, saying they were typical prior to an election. Tribal members will vote in April on three business committee seats.

Poowegup said private auditors review the books each year and never have found irregularities.