Evelyn Ward cares about children and shows it in a number of ways.

For one thing, she's a volunteer at Emerson School. But her gift of time goes further than the hours she spends in the classroom.Ward also studies children's issues and tries to be a lobbying force for the benefit of the young.

She's a co-founder of Utah Parents for Children's Rights, a group that believes children have a right to the love and support of both parents when a divorce occurs. The group tries to protect the interests of the child while assuring that he can maintain a quality relationship with both the custodial and non-custodial parents.

And she's a familiar sight at the Legislature, attending committee meetings and tracking legislation that is significant to children.

This fall, Ward received two national honors. She was a finalist in the National School Volunteers Contest, and she won a coveted Chief Justice Warren E. Burger Award for Healers Among Judges and Family Attorneys. That award was presented by the National Council for Children's Rights, in Washington.

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