A truck delivering flammable, corrosive and acidic chemicals from Allentown, Pa., to Signetics in Orem delivered more than it bargained for Tuesday, said Gerald Nielsen of the Orem Department of Public Safety.

Orem firefighters responded to a call at Signetics at 10 a.m. after deliverymen found that one of the air bags surrounding the chemical containers had malfunctioned, causing 100 gallons of sulfuric acid to shift and escape. The chemicals were contained within the truck.Although there was no immediate danger to employees at Signetics or residents in the area, police closed 10th East just east of the plant for three hours, while the hazardous materials team from Signetics removed the items.

Nielsen said the majority of the chemicals being transported could be found in most high school chemistry labs. They included nitric acid, acetic acid, ammonium hydroxide, ammonium hydrogen fluoride, phosphoric acid and hydrofluoric acid.