Salt Lake County commissioners have delayed for one day a decision on whether to call an incorporation election that could make Bennion a city.

The item appeared on Wednesday's commission meeting agenda but was continued until Thursday to allow commission chairman Mike Stewart, who is out of town, to vote on the issue. Stewart is scheduled to return late Wednesday.Commissioners must decide by a Thursday deadline whether they will allow Bennion residents to vote on forming a city. A special commission meeting has been scheduled for 11:15 a.m. Thursday to deal with the issue.

Although commissioners have expressed reservations about holding a Bennion incorporation election, they are expected to approve the vote and set it for March or April.

State law appears to limit the reasons for which commissioners may decline to call an incorporation election to one - withdrawal of the incorporation petition by a majority of the signers.

Commissioners are not sure another incorporation election is needed just one year after Taylorsville-Bennion voters rejected an incorporation attempt. They also question whether forming a new city of 15,000 to 20,000 residents is the best way to provide municipal services to Bennion residents, who now receive those services from the county.

But Bennion incorporation backers began circulating the current incorporation petition soon after the Taylorsville-Bennion defeat last year.