The influential Communist Party weekly Polityka has published a full-page interview with Lech Walesa, chairman of the banned Solidarity union movement, the state-run PAP news agency said Wednesday.

The edition, due in newspaper kiosks Thursday, carries the interview under the headline "Agreement is Necessary in This Country," PAP said.The appearance of the interview in Polityka, which is used to convey official party positions, is a further sign authorities have accepted Walesa as a partner for discussions and are reconsidering their 1982 ban on Solidarity.

The publication comes a day after government spokesman Jerzy Urban made clear that authorities are ready to begin talks on the chief opposition demand, reinstating Solidarity, which was suppressed in a December 1981 military crackdown.

In a brief portion of the interview quoted by PAP, Walesa said, "Legalization of Solidarity is the key issue."

The excerpt continued, "I repeat: We do not want to overthrow the authorities. A compromise is in our common interest." . . . The interest of Poland is the order of the day. That's why we must come to terms with each other."