Walking 6,000 miles is a tremendous achievement, but Colin Skinner thinks it's worth it if he can help people become more aware of services provided by Hospice.

The 23-year-old man, who comes from the town of Beal in southeast England, began his trek in Great Britain on May 1. He then made his way across Scotland and Wales, finishing that leg of the journey on June 18. That part totaled 1,100 miles.He then flew to New York City on July 16 and began making his way to San Francisco. Over the weekend he was in the Utah County area. He hopes to reach San Francisco by March.

"I'm trying to raise people's awareness of the Hospice organization," Skinner said. "It's been a heck of a trip. It's been fantastic."

Along the way, Skinner has stopped in several different areas where people are being served by Hospice, an organization set up to help terminally ill patients and their families make the most of the patient's last days of life.

"The courage of the people I've seen is incredible. Hospice is not about death, but making the most of life."

Skinner got the idea to walk for Hospice because several members of his family have been afflicted with cancer. His grandmother died of cancer when he was quite young, and his aunt also died of the disease. In addition, his mother suffered from cancer but has since recovered.

Throughout the trek, Skinner has camped out in many different places and has found lodging with families.

When he left Provo, he headed south to Santaquin, Nephi, Fillmore and Cedar City. From there, he will head to Arizona, around the south rim of the Grand Canyon and then over to Las Vegas, then toward California.

When he finishes his journey, Skinner plans to put together a slide show to present to different Hospice groups and also plans to write a book about his travels.