ABC claimed the latest Nielsen trophy on the strength of its No. 1 Daytime Emmy Awards broadcast, leaving NBC with only a post-"Cheers" hangover.

For the week of May 24-30, ABC was the most-watched network with a 10.5 average rating, according to figures released by the A.C. Nielsen Co.CBS was second at 9.7, NBC third at 8.8 and Fox Broadcasting Co. fourth at 6.3. Each ratings point represents approximately 931,000 homes.

NBC had shed its usual third-place ranking the week before, vaulting into first place on the strength of the final "Cheers" episode.

ABC had the week's top two shows, with the Daytime Emmy Awards finishing first and "Roseanne" in second place.

The No. 3 spot went to NBC's TV movie "Triumph Over Disaster: The Hurricane Andrew Story."

"The Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies" special on CBS tied with NBC's "Seinfeld" for fourth place. The 15th anniversary special of ABC's "20/20" was sixth.

The season finale of CBS' "Northern Exposure" was seventh, followed by ABC's "Home Improvement" and the second half of the CBS TV movie "Love, Honor & Obey: The Last Mafia Marriage."

The final episode of CBS' "Designing Women," which aired on Monday, ranked 10th. That's a considerable improvement over ratings the show received this sesaon on Fridays, where it finished 67th overall.

ABC was first in the network news competition with a 9.4 average rating, followed by NBC with 8.0 and CBS with 7.7.

Here are the top 20 shows, their network and rating: 1. Daytime Emmy Awards, ABC, 16.4; 2. "Roseanne," ABC, 16.0; 3. "The Hurricane Andrew Story" (NBC Monday Night Movies), NBC, 15.7; 4. "The Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies," CBS, 15.2; 5. "Seinfeld," NBC, 15.2; 6. "20/20 - 15th Annivesary Special," ABC, 15.1; 7. "Northern Exposure," CBS, 14.7; 8. "Home Improvement," ABC, 14.5; 9. "Love, Honor & Obey" - Part 2 (CBS Tuesday Movie), CBS, 14.4; 10. "Designing Women," CBS, 14.2.

11. "Rescue: 911," CBS, 14.0; 12. "Primetime Live," ABC, 13.8; 13. "60 Minutes," CBS, 13.6; 14. "20/20," ABC, 13.2; 15. "Coach," ABC, 12.8; 16. (tie) "Cheers," NBC, and "L.A. Law," NBC, 12.6; 18. (tie) "Full House," ABC, and "Murder, She Wrote," CBS, 12.0; 20. "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper," ABC, 11.8.

The lowest-rated shows were: 78. (tie) "Flying Blind," Fox, and "Ross Perot," NBC, 4.5; 80. (tie) "Edge," Fox, and "Life Goes On," ABC, 4.1; 82. "Quantum Leap," NBC, 3.7; 83. "Shaky Ground," Fox, 3.5; 84. (tie) "Class of '96," Fox, and "Parker Lewis," Fox, 3.2.