The Christmas storm that dropped 2 feet of snow in some spots along the Wasatch Front overwhelmed Centerville city crews and its three snowplows, and the city is still digging out.

Responding to a resident's complaint Tuesday in City Council meeting, the mayor and council apologized for the condition of the city's streets but said crews worked all night during the storm and were overwhelmed by the amount and intensity of the snow.City Administrator David Hales said the city even called in private contractors with plows, graders and front-end loaders to help, spending $6,000 to $7,000 to fight the storm.

The city has three sander trucks, Mayor Dean Argyle said, and operates them conservatively because of the expense and the corrosive effect of salt and sand on city streets.

Centerville's plan of attack during a storm is to divide the city into three parts, one per truck, and clear main intersections and major streets first.

Hales said city crews still are working to clean up icy and snow-packed streets, usually waiting until afternoon when the snow and ice softens to go to work.

Councilman Kent Lindsay said the city has three plows to handle its 50 miles of streets, or 17 miles per plow.