Vic Garcia glanced into the leather-colored water of Lucky Peak Reservoir, its shoreline clotted with slush.

"I'd like to get this over with as soon as possible," the 25-year-old water skier said.Garcia and about 15 others braved the icy water recently during the third annual Polar Bear Day for water skiers as about the same number watched. The event was organized by the Water Ski Pro Shop in Boise.

Air and water temperatures were in the 30s, and deep snow covered the ground.

First-time Polar Bear skier Chuck Keene, 26, tried not to think about the cold.

"If you think about it, you probably won't do it," he said.

Many of the skiers wore dry suits - one-piece, waterproof suits sealed to keep water out. But most wore nothing on their feet but skis and skin.

"It'll be ice cold when I get out," said Greg Wilfong, 30, as he got into his suit.

He stepped into the water behind a boat and waded until he was neck deep. The boat accelerated and Wilfong stood up. Cheers went up on the shore.

He returned in a few minutes, his mustache and hair dripping.

"It's not as cold as last year," he said.