An Inkom woman who failed to climb Mount Everest in 1987 will return to the world's tallest peak this spring with her husband and a Pocatello man.

The trip is notable since the 14-member group includes the son of the first man to climb Everest, as well as the first disabled person to take part.Kellie Rhoads, 32, her husband, Jeffrey Rhoads, 34, and Tom Whittaker, 40, will be part of the 1989 American Everest Expedition to Nepal.

Rhoads attempted to climb Everest with the American Snowbird Expedition but was turned back 4,000 feet short of the summit by a violent storm. Jeffrey Rhoads said the expertise of the upcoming expedition should improve their chances of reaching the top.

"Kellie and I are real excited," he said. "Hopefully, the weather will hold. If you don't get the weather, your chances of summitting are greatly reduced."

Also joining the 14-member team will be Peter Hillary, 33, son of Sir Edmund Hillary, who became the first person to climb the mountain on May 29, 1953. The American Expedition will follow the South Col route the elder Hillary followed on his historic assault.

Whittaker is director of Idaho State University's handicapped outdoor program. The expedition holds a special meaning to Whittaker, who will be the first disabled person to attempt to climb Everest.