A 2-year-old Sandy girl was killed Monday in a freak accident while sledding down a hill at a Sandy park, police said.

Rachael Beckstrom, daughter of Ron and Lenore Beckstrom, was pronounced dead at Alta View Hospital. Sandy Police Sgt. Larry Davis said the girl and her 4-year-old brother, Ron, were riding down a snow-covered hill on a plastic sled when they ran into a park bench."They just went down and went off course and weren't able to turn away from it," Davis said. The girl hit her head on the bench as they slid underneath. Her brother was in stable condition Tuesday at Primary Children's Medical Center.

"People don't think they can get hurt on sleighs, but it does happen," Davis said. "We all need to not take for granted that the kids can control those."

Davis said the hill is not very steep and only about 25 feet long.