Two cousins have been found by searchers after being stranded overnight by a broken-down snowmobile in the southern Idaho desert.

George Zimmers, 24, of Buhl, and Scott Zimmers, 20, of Castleford, were found just before noon Monday, more than 20 hours after their snowmobile stopped running, Twin Falls County sheriff's deputies said. Neither man suffered any harm from the ordeal.Scott Zimmers said the two were about 20 miles from their pickup when the snowmobile broke down around 3:30 p.m. Sunday. They walked as far as they could before nightfall, then built a fire and bedded down for the night just north of the Nevada border.

"We piled up some sagebrush, then took the bank deposit slips out of a checkbook and just burned them up," Zimmers said.

After spending the night in zero-degree weather laced with strong winds, the two continued their hike toward the pickup the next morning, he said.

"We weren't lost," he said. "We knew where we were and where we were going." A family friend found them about a mile short of their truck.