The U.S. Geological Survey is offering discount prices on Utah topographic maps and other publications for one week to commemorate National Consumer Week, an official said.

On Monday the survey's public inquiries office, 125 S. State, Room 8105, began offering the discount prices on one copy of any 7.5-minute or 15-minute topographic map in stock at half price for $1.25, said Clem Heagren, chief of the office.Additionally, a map depicting the geology of the Fort Douglas quadrangle will be available at half price for $1.50, and a publication of Uinta Mountain geology will be offered at a special price of $1.50, he said.

Single copies of the survey's leaflets and brochures on maps, geology, hydrology and other earth-science subjects will be available at the Salt Lake City survey office at no charge, he said.

President Reagan proclaimed April 24-30 as National Consumer Week to recognize the relationship between a well-informed consumer and the quality of products offered in the marketplace, Heagren said.