A 59-year-old Hollister rancher and former Filer School Board member, whose doctor said he is dying of leukemia, probably will spend the rest of his life under house arrest after pleading guilty to lewd and lascivious conduct with minors.

"This case represents, really, a horrible tragedy," 5th District Judge Daniel Hurlbutt said Tuesday in sentencing David Chadwick. "You were able in an extraordinary manner to abuse the trust and the authority which you had over your family."Hurlbutt ordered Chadwick to serve six months in a special unit at the Idaho State Penitentiary, where he will have access to medical treatment.

He then will be placed under house arrest, with television monitors in his home and shop linked to the state probation and parole office in Twin Falls.

"This court has to review each case with an eye also on the fact we are all human beings," Hurlbutt said. "It is appropriate that you be allowed to work in the shop . . . to be contributing to the family and to spend your time in a more meaningful way than simply to be warehoused in the penitentiary."

The judge also retained jurisdiction over the case for six months, leaving open the opportunity to review the sentence. He ordered Chadwick to pay $300 a month for counseling his family is receiving as a result of the case and to participate in a treatment program for sex abusers.

Chadwick, who served on the Filer School Board in the 1970s, pleaded guilty in October to charges that he sexually molested three children under the age of 6, even though he said he could not remember the incidents.