Micro Security Systems Inc., a Salt Lake-based computer products developer, has signed a contract with Autodesk, a computer-aided design company in Sausalito, Calif., to provide a computer protection device.

Autodesk has ordered 10,000 units of Micro Security's SecuriKey that will be shipped over a five-month period for inclusion in Autodesk's software programs sold to foreign countries.Micro President Scott M. Nelson said the device will aid Autodesk in protecting its products in Asia and Europe where manufacturers are leery of sending software because of extensive illegal copying. He said SecuriKey is essentially impossible to crack and also protects software developers from the liability associated with disastrous software viruses.

SecuriKey is only 2-by-2-by-1/2-inch and is filled with integrated circuitry and sealed against intrusion. It attaches to the parallel port of a personal computer processor and protects software programs from unauthorized duplication.