Sometime in the next few days, BYU assistant basketball coach Roger Reid is expected to decide whether to take a job at UCLA or remain where he ultimately wants to coach at BYU.

Reid, 40, has been offered an assistant's position at UCLA under new coach Jim Harrick. Reid made a trip to Los Angeles last Thursday to discuss the job with Harrick.Reid's name has arisen several times and at several schools in the 10 years he has been at BYU. He was a finalist for the Weber State job twice and a finalist for the BYU job five years ago when the position went to Ladell Andersen. He has taken his name out of consideration at several other schools when coaching offers some of them head coaching positions came up.

Current Cougar Coach Ladell Andersen has privately said he plans to stay on at BYU four more years.

Meanwhile, the UCLA offer has arisen. Along with the prestige of coaching at the school with more basketball national championships than any other, Reid has reportedly been offered an impressive financial package. "I'm flattered that when they put Jim (Harrick) in that pressurized situation down there that I was the first guy he called to help him get things done," said Reid.

However, there are reasons to stay, as well. Reid has extreme loyalty to BYU. When Andersen does retire, Reid will likely again be a top contender for the job. A move to UCLA could help or hurt, depending on how well the Bruins do.

Also, Reid has a son, Randy, who is an all-state basketball player at Spanish Fork High. Moving to California for his senior year could adversely affect his marketability. College recruiters have been writing and calling the boy for two years.

In a related note, WAC Player of the Year Michael Smith, a forward at BYU, will decide soon if he will enter the June NBA draft. Smith, a 6-10 senior-to-be, has vacillated recently on whether to go pro or play out his senior year at BYU.

Smith's father, Dennis, of Hacienda Heights, Calif., told the Deseret News last week that he thinks his son will stay at BYU.