Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker returned to television Monday after a two-year absence with a show broadcast from the living room of their borrowed home to a handful of stations around the country.

"Jim, I think this is probably the happiest day of my life," Mrs. Bakker said as the show began. Sporting her trademark heavy eye makeup, she began crying two minutes into the hourlong show.Bakker, the founder of PTL, left his television ministry in March 1987 in the midst of a sex and money scandal. He and his wife had not appeared on a television pulpit since January 1987.

Monday, Bakker told viewers and his supporters crowded into the house that his last television appearance was to break ground for the Crystal Palace Church at Heritage USA, the home of PTL.

"I believe that was the last straw for Satan," Bakker said. "I think the devil was mad that something so beautiful was being built. . . . I believe the devil said, `I have to smash Jim and Tammy Bakker.' "