This year the best quotes were snippy and snarly, full of disgust and ridicule - your favorite kind, in other words.

So let's sample some:

There's no way you can wear skirts as short as they're showing this spring and do anything serious. - Betty Friedan.

I thought this was a news program. - George Bush to Dan Rather.

But I was kinda hoping for someone smarter. - A farmer responding to the Dole campaign theme, "He's one of us."

Some people may think he's ineffective, but it's only the way he operates. -Bush spokesman Peter Hart, denying Bush is wishy-washy.

I kind of think I'm a scintillating type of fellow. - Bush.

Jesus Christ alone knew answers to all the questions and knew how to feed 20,000 Jews with five loaves of bread. We don't possess that skill. - A great quote because it was spoken by official atheist Mikhail Gorbachev.

As Henry VIII said to each of his six wives, "I won't keep you long." - Reagan beginning a speech in Moscow.

My tomato plants need cultivating, my house needs work and I'd love to have a day off. - Michael Dukakis, who now can afford the time.

Michael Dukakis is not running for president to create jobs in Japan. - Kitty Dukakis, clarifying things.

Bush has an admirable record of public service, and the charge of wimp is unfair. But he does exude a certain, well, dorkiness. - Scripps-Howard columnist Dale McFeatters.

Facts are stupid things. - Reagan.

I wish I was about a junior, maybe a senior in high school. - Bush in Tipton, Mo.

His campaign is probably the most disgraceful in modern American history. It is also working. - Political theorist William Schneider on Bush.

Gorbachev declared there are no political prisoners anymore. I am a political prisoner. - Vyacheslav Cherepanov at Perm Camp 35 in the Soviet Union.

(So, in a way, will Dan Quayle be after Jan. 20. But that's next year. We can wait.)

Compiled by Bill Tammeus, a columnist for the Kansas City Star and Times.