A U.S. magistrate ruled Thursday afternoon that a man wanted for questioning in the murder of a U.S. drug agent should be moved to Los Angeles for a hearing on an unrelated drug charge.

Magistrate Ronald Boyce made the ruling after U.S. Attorney Jimmy Gurulet presented evidence showing the fingerprints of a man calling himself Jose Gonzales Guillen matched those of Leonardo Contreras Subias, 41. Contreras Subias was indicted by federal grand jury in California in 1980.Drug Enforcement agents contend Subias' real name is Jose Contreras Subias, although he uses aliases.

Salt Lake Police Sgt. Charles Illsley testified that two fingerprint cards on file for Subias at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., matched those he made of Gonzales Guillen.

"I charted the chronology of the individual's right thumb print on three fingerprint cards," said Illsley, "There are at least 70 similar points."

The defendant was arrested by federal drug agents Saturday in a Salt Lake City restaurant on the 1980 warrant charging Contreras Subias with conspiracy to distribute a narcotic and failure to appear for a hearing.

According to Steve Lough, Drug Enforcement Administration Salt Lake office agent-in-charge, Contreras Subias was charged with buying a kilogram of cocaine from federal agents. After posting $125,000 bond he disappeared.

Stephen Stein, a Las Vegas defense attorney, maintains his client has no connnection to Contreras Subias and will continue to use the name Jose Gonzalez Guillen.

"No one has ever agreed that fingerprints are the end all, where all and be all of indentification. I saw points of disimilarity. Unless it is 100 percent the same I don't buy it," said Stein.

During the hearing, Stein said that a small "blib" on one of the enlarged FBI thumbprints did not match those of his client. Illsley said the mark was likely caused by a fiber or small cut on the skin.

Boyce ruled there is probable cause fo believe that Gonzales Guillen is Contreras Subias and ordered him returned to California.

According to Steve Lough, U.S. DEA special agent, U.S. marshals will transport the man within the week to Los Angeles.

Besides the pending federal charges, Contreras Subias is wanted in Mexico for escaping from a Tijuana jail after being held in connection with the 1984 homicide.

"He will be here (in the U.S.) until we are finished with him," Lough said.

Contreras Subias is wanted for questioning in the kidnap and murder of U.S. drug agent Enrique Camerena in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1985. Subias was the "right-hand man" of drug baron Rafael Caro Quintero, according to Lough.

Caro Quintero was linked to the Camerena murder and was taken into custody in spring 1985 and remains imprisoned in Mexico.