Generally good grades have been given to the Southern Utah State College electronics program by its advisory committee after a review meeting this fall.

The Electronics Advisory Committee, composed of five members from private firms that deal heavily in electronics and three members of the SUSC electronics faculty, meets twice yearly to review the college's electronics program and to give it direction.Strong points in the SUSC program, according to the advisory committee, include courses dealing with microcomputers and work with printed circuit board prototypes and production.

SUSC has maintained its efforts in electronic communication while also working with computers. Many other institutions put heavy emphasis on computers while somewhat abandoning communications applications. The advisory board agreed that SUSC is acting wisely by maintaining a communications program.

The committee also recognized several factors which indicate the strength of the SUSC program, including a placement rate of over 90 percent of graduates in the electronics field and starting salary ranges of between $18,000 and $27,000.