Cache County Planning Commission member Calvin Funk has appealed to the County Council to reverse the commission's decision granting Sherwood Hills a conditional use permit that would allow the resort to apply for a state liquor license.

If the County Council upholds the commission's decision and the liquor license is approved, it will be the first such license in unincorporated Cache County.The County Council set a hearing Feb. 3 on the appeal.

Funk, who cast one of the dissenting votes in the 3-2 decision by which the commission approved the permit on Dec. 7, contends there was confusion over the voting.

Funk made a motion at that meeting to deny the permit, and he said it would have passed if another member, Ross Olsen, could have cast an absentee vote.

"Ross was in the hospital, but he sent word that he was strongly opposed to the permit, and when we used his vote the first time, the motion passed with Chairman Guy Ray Pulsipher voting with us to break a 3-3 tie," Funk said.

After the planners decided Olsen's absentee vote was "probably not legal," Jay Bankhead made a motion to approve the permit. That motion passed 3-2 with Pulsipher abstaining.