Along with all those Christmas presents, most people got an unwelcome gift in their mailboxes - their federal income tax booklets from the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS suggests people check the information for any last-minute tax advantages they can take before the end of the year, and also review whether they need to file a new W-4 form to change their withholding amount or estimated tax.And the IRS wants people to know the agency has a special office they can call when they haven't had any luck getting help with federal tax problems from other IRS offices.

It's called the IRS Problem Resolution Program office, and the toll-free telephone number is 1 (800) 424-1040.

The special office will help if a taxpayer has contacted the IRS about a refund at least 90 days after filing a return, requested information or help more than 45 days earlier and gotten no response, or previously responded to a billing notice and now has a third or subsequent notice indicating incorrect action or lack of action by the IRS.