To the editor:

The letter in the Deseret News, Dec. 12, by psychologist Sigrid Peterson, requires a response and clarification.Sigrid Peterson stated that: " . . . an unsubstantiated charge . . . led to Mr. Barr's dismissal . . . without due process."

If she had read my letter, she would have known that all of the points of Mr. Barr's presentation which were in violation of state law were all documented and additional witnesses were available, if needed.

Unfortunately, many of our "AIDS authorities" are not familiar with our laws and therefore, whether out of ignorance or not, they do damage to the moral fiber of our communities by undermining the law.

My letter to Mr. Covey was prompted by a concern for the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of not only the youth, but the parents, and all other Utahns.

My letter contained some of my notes taken at one of the state's mandatory teacher in-service training seminars. My objections to Mr. Barr's presentation were with respect to his teaching recommendations, which violated Utah law.

Contrary to her allegations that abstinence is the only message adopted by Families Alert, I applaud the Utah Legislature, which has given us a model law; the State School Board for their "model" sex education/AIDS goals, and the Governor's Task Force for the Prevention of Teen Pregnancy, which after researching and studying the alternatives and contributing factors recommended the abstinence approach to solve the problem.

These tools have been offered to parents and citizens alike through countless hours of relentless service.

They have upheld Utah's legally adopted standards. AIDS education was mandated by our legally elected state legislators, to stress abstinence from sexual activity before marriage and fidelity after marriage.

It is up to all of us to fill our role in the constitutional process by insisting that the laws and goals are upheld. And then we must give support to all those who do.

Mrs. DeeAnn J. Fisher

Legislative council president

Families Alert