Bowling Green's last residential outhouse, a two-holer used by a widow until her death earlier this year, has finally been sold.

Health officials in the university town 25 miles south of Toledo, Ohio, had tried unsuccessfully to close the outhouse but the owner, Lucille Dannenberger, refused until her death this summer to install an indoor toilet.The outhouse, the lot and Dannenberger's home that did not have utilities were auctioned for $44,000 earlier this month in the settlement of her estate.

Larry Sorrells, Bowling Green's environmental director, said the slanted roof shed was the last outhouse in use in the city. Several others within the city limits are used for decorative purposes or storage, he said.

The new owner, Al Green, said he intends to build a home at the rear of the lot that faces a golf course.

"I suppose I will be tearing down all of those buildings," Green said.

The outhouse, visible from the street, was the only building on the lot that was painted. It featured two holes with lids, a slanted roof, front window, shiny door knob and vent openings on the side.