Consumer Reports calls it "a buyer's market," and indeed, stalking the wilds of today's VCR jungle can turn up bargains galore - but for those with big bucks to spend, it's a haven as well.

With intense opposition and exploding technology, the best VCR values for the average consumer seem to be in the less expensive models, the $200 to $400 range, which now have many luxury features previously available only on top-of-the line products.Most units in this price range offer remote control, one-touch recording, on-screen programming (a big plus for many who find this a perplexing function) and the HQ, or higher quality, feature that reduces video noise and makes for crisper picture edges. Some have stereo.

But if you want to move up, there's plenty of room at the top. With prices ranging up to $2,000, there are gadgets galore on these upper echelon models.

High-tech features include pulse-code modulation, multi-playback, special motion effects and digital-enhanced freeze action and simulcast (FM and TV).