A German play - such as "Hansel and Gretel" should be produced in the original language, right?

Students in the Lowell Elementary School German Club think so. They are presenting such a production at 2 and 6 p.m. April 26 in the school auditorium.The students are involved in the Salt Lake School District's Full-Time Extended Learning Program. They chose the Hansen and Gretel play as a vehicle both for enhancing their language skills and for spotlighting the German cultural influence that exists in the school's Avenues area.

Teacher/supervisor Mary Sohn is enthusiastic about the help the cast has received from school personnel, parents and the community. Members of the Salt Lake Acting Company have provided support and helped to put together outstanding costumes and scenery, she said.

Michael Larsen plays the role of Hansel, with Rebecca Edwards as Gretel and Debbie Higham as the witch with a taste for little children. Stephen Spencer is the father, Marie Adams the mother and Jonathan Lear the narrator.

Also in the German-speaking cast, serving as talking trees, gingerbread children and a chorus, are Jessie Bezon, Mary Phillips, Catherine Tucker, Sarah Crotts, Dietrich Epperson, Cherie Lynn Larsen, Sarah Loy, Rachel Sullivan, James Tucker, Anna West, Matt Wikstrom, Song Stott, Elisa Della-Piana, Haim Wenger, Christine Swensen, Aron Hsiaeo, Calvin Yang, Ryan Homer, Amy Hoffman, Michael Keir, Kristen Robinson, Kristi Rice, Kaerli Main, Travor Dryer, Marion Bolds and Una Ilich.