A provincial court has ordered the television series "Falcon Crest" off Egyptian TV on grounds it undermines public morals, according to a newspaper report.

"Falcon Crest" began appearing several years ago on local television and quickly became a favorite among both poor and wealthy Egyptians, despite its depiction of a society generally foreign to the mostly conservative Egyptians.Television censors, for example, routinely cut kissing scenes from "Falcon Crest" that they consider too passionate.

The TV series "Dallas," a predecessor of "Falcon Crest," also was widely popular until it was stopped six years ago after a member of parliament complained it was corrupting the morals of Egyptian youth.

The newspaper Wafd, published by a centrist opposition party of the same name, said Thursday the ruling banning the show was in a provincial court in the Nile Valley town of Shibin el-Kom.