It must have been a question of a person in a Fort Launderdale, Fla., public relations company getting confused about the Crossroads Plaza in Salt Lake City or receiving some bad information.

The news release that arrived at the Deseret News business desk explaining that three new tenants have signed leases with the plaza and opened for business got off to a good start, but by the third line it was going steadily downhill.It said the 1.3-million square foot plaza was anchored by JC Penney, Foley's, Montgomery Ward and Dillards at the intersection of I-35 and I-240 in Salt Lake City.

Anyone who has done any shopping at all knows none of the above stores has space in Crossroads. The closest is the old JC Penney at Second South and Main, but that building has been empty for years.

As for the roads, the closest interstate is I-15, but Crossroads is several blocks east of the highway. As for I-240, it could be I-215, but that highway is many blocks west of Crossroads. In any event, Crossroads isn't even close to any intersections of interstate highways.

The best thing about the news release is that a spokesman for the plaza verified the three new companies have signed leases and are open.