Republican Utah Attorney General David Wilkinson came under fire from two Democratic foes who accused Wilkinson of having a "closed door" policy with the Legislature.

Paul Van Dam and Zane Gill, who are vying for the Democratic Party's nomination to face Wilkinson, blasted the attorney general during a Democratic candidates forum in Farmington.Van Dam, a former Salt Lake County attorney, described Wilkinson as somebody who never practiced law and "never had to go through the trenches.

"If elected, I won't just sit up there in a corner office and occasionally do negative press releases," he said.

Gill, a former teacher now working as a private attorney, added: "The abuse of power that has fallen upon us because of Republican domination is massive."

He accused Wilkinson of giving poor legal advice to the governor, the Legislature and state agencies and said the rapport between lawmakers and the attorney general's office has deteriorated.

"What we have is a closed-door policy between the attorney general and the Legislature," he said.

Wilkinson also has been criticized for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars defending the state's Cable TV Decency Act.