San Francisco gave out wool-lined coats and long underwear to hundreds of homeless as Californians shivered in a cold spell Thursday that killed six, including a transient in an avocado grove near President Reagan's ranch. Hurricane-force winds wreaked havoc in the East.

Gusts up to 77 mph Wednesday triggered the collapse of a Philadelphia factory roof that killed two people, hampered efforts to rescue the 11-man crew of a cargo ship that sank in rough seas off New Jersey and blew off part of the roof of an airport terminal near Baltimore, authorities said. More than 350,000 buildings in the Northeast lost power.The fast-moving cold front that brought the winds to the East left snow in the Midwest, where four people died after shoveling snow in Indiana. Two jets skidded off runways at Greater Cincinnati International Airport, which shut down for an hour Wednesday.

Several cities endured record-low temperatures Thursday morning, including Oakland, Calif., where it was 35 degrees, two degrees colder than the record for the date set in 1978, and Ely, Nev., where it hit 18 below zero, breaking the record of 9 below set in 1966.