The City Council has decided to give $10,000 from contingency funds to Alan Osmond Productions so the company can devise an extravaganza around the Autumnfest next Labor Day.

Mayor L. Clifford Goff said there would be no railroad theme associated with the extravaganza, which first was proposed as a staged train wreck.Goff said no definite plans have been made, but the $10,000 would be earnest money showing that the city wants Osmond to stage the event.

If the event makes money, Goff said, the $10,000 investment would be returned to the city. If it doesn't, the city wouldn't be reimbursed.

Goff said the city approached Union Station's board of directors about holding the event in connection with the station over Labor Day.

The board declined, saying it wanted to expend its money and energies on a May celebration of the anniversary of the completion of the first transcontinental railroad.

The extravaganza then was offered to Autumnfest, an annual arts event in September whose board agreed to hold their event in conjunction with Osmond's plans.

The city is giving Osmond 90 days to develop an idea for the extravaganza.

Assistant Mayor Barbara B. Dirks said she is confident the event would be successful and the city would get its money back because if enough sponsors can't be found, the event could be scaled back.