Charges against the Bonneville Raceway announcer in connection with a riot last May have been dropped with prejudice by agreement of the defendant and West Valley City.

Brandon Gee, 25, 1265 E. 56th South, was scheduled for trial Tuesday on misdemeanor charges of failure to aid a police officer in connection with a melee that sent dozens of citizens and officers to the hospital."It was a stipulated dismissal based on the fact that there were some alternatives that could have been done by West Valley and some alternatives done by Brandon," defense lawyer Randy Ludlow said Tuesday.

West Valley police officer Jim Tingey ordered Gee to cancel the races during the Memorial Day weekend. When Gee refused, saying he lacked the authority to cancel the races, he was arrested.

Officers were trying to quell a riot during the Fox Hunt celebration at the track, 6555 W. 21st South. Partiers started throwing rocks and bottles at the officers and their dogs.

Charges of interference with a peace officer were dismissed Dec. 8, court documents said, because no factual elements existed to support the charge that weren't already alleged in the failure to aid a police officer charge.