Salt Lake County sheriff's detectives have decided not to arrest a Sandy man, even though investigators have charged him with one of the robberies attributed to the notorious "Top Gun" bandit.

"The man has agreed to a lineup type thing," said Sgt. Jerry Holt.Holt said a man recently walked into one of the businesses robbed by the Top Gun bandit. An employee felt that the man was the notorious gunman, so he took down the man's license plate number and called police.

Detectives obtained a search warrant and searched the man's house, but were unable to find what they were looking for, Holt said.

A police lineup will be held. Holt said that because the man has been cooperative, he will not be arrested unless the victims identify him in the lineup as the one who robbed them at gunpoint.

"The last thing we want to do is arrest the wrong guy," he said. "It's just a process of elimination."

A complaint was filed in 3rd Circuit Court alleging the man robbed a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store on Nov. 14. The complaint said two employees at the store picked the suspect's picture from a group of photographs.

The Top Gun bandit received his nickname from law enforcement officers because in each of 14 robberies in Salt Lake County, he wore a baseball cap with the title of the popular movie on the front. The robber always hit small empty businesses between 3 and 5 p.m. He displayed a small handgun, demanded money and then forced his victims into a back room and told them to count to 100 while he fled.